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1200 K Street 

Tenant Handbook 

Workplace Violence

Violence in the workplace can be caused by a variety of reasons that may not even relate to the work environment. Sometimes it is carried over from domestic problems. Sometimes a terminated employee becomes disgruntled. Usually, there is no advance warning.

What to Do:

Immediately notify Security/Property Management and call 911 and inform us of the type of situation (e.g., provide physical description of persons involved, names, location).The police will take control of the situation upon their arrival. 
Property Management and or the Director of Security will meet the police in the lobby of the building.

Remain Calm and remember the Department of Homeland Security Active Shooter survival tactics: RUN/HIDE/FIGHT

  • Run – Evacuate the area
  • Hide – In a safe room that can be locked and barricade the door
  • Fight- As a last resort confront the shooter any way possible, throw objects make noise, move around, create an element of surprise for the attacker.