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Tenant Handbook 


During an emergency, the safety of personnel and the protection of property often depend on the actions taken by those individuals within the emergency’s arena. For this reason, Brookfield has developed and implemented the Tenant Emergency Procedure Manual. (TEPM)


The TEPM serves to standardize and clarify emergency information, preparedness, procedures and responsibilities of the building owner and tenants at all US locations. It is based upon the best suggested guidelines derived from state and local fire prevention codes and other well-established emergency information.


It is imperative that all building occupants become familiar with this plan and its procedures since its effectiveness depends on the active participation of tenants and employees at all levels. Tenants should use it to help prepare their own emergency plans that are individually tailored for maximum employee and asset protection. To this end, each Property Manager will distribute to all Tenant point of contacts a hardcopy of the building’s TEPM.


However, due to the obvious difficulty associated with predicting the scope and nature of any given emergency, Tenants should not use the TEPM as the ultimate arbiter when determining how to respond to an emergency. The procedures are suggestions which should never be at odds with their primary goal: to protect life, safety and property. Additionally, no Tenant or Brookfield’ employee should ever risk life or limb based upon the TEPM’s perceived advice. In fact, the TEPM includes clear limitations:


IMPORTANT – never endanger your own life or the lives of others when carrying out duties in the Fire Safety Plan


Use of a fire extinguisher by any tenant employee or tenant Fire Safety Team Member is optional, and should only be attempted if safe to do so.


The TEPM can provide significant assistance to all Brookfield Tenants who are intent on preparing an effective and safe response to a developing emergency. Its procedures strive to make a sometimes dangerous world safer. As situations and procedures can vary from building to building, please contact the Property Manager’s Office if you have any questions.